Book Summary and Excerpt

Lightwaves from Orbs: Manifesting Love and Co-Creation

Following the publication of Orbs, Lightwaves, and Cosmic Consciousness in August 2009, Sandra Underwood continued to be visited by these Beings of Light, only in many cases in even more beautiful and astonishing forms she calls "lightwaves," which she believes are high-energy, high-frequency orbs who gather and morph themselves into these colorful and light-filled forms that some call "plasma."

Rather than the science and many quotations included in the last book, this book briefly describes the author's beliefs and experiences as illustrated by the 275 full-color pictures taken from October 2009 through April 2010.

Read about Sandra Underwood's extraordinary spiritual journey following her only child's death and the kundalini awakening that followed her "dark night of the soul."

These loving, intelligent Beings have brought great joy, love, and gratitude and turned her life completely around.


I have even met several people who get plasma—or “lightwaves” as I’ve called them—but only three or four people have I met so far who are also capturing colored lightwaves in  their photographs. Because for many of my pictures I can actually SEE the orbs now, what happens is they gather in great  numbers and their edges begin to get “fuzzy” and they morph into these colorful, high-energy clouds and formations.

The distinguishing characteristic of my “lightwaves” photographs that sets them apart from the pictures with orbs only in  them is a bright red moving ball of energy that appears on my camera screen right BEFORE I snap the photograph. Thus,  even before a lightwave materializes before me and becomes a photograph of it, I know it will be there and will appear  because that red ball of energy is there, getting me excited about what I am going to see next. 

My friend, the renowned physicist Dr. William A. Tiller, commented that it was a shame I didn’t have any proof that that  happens. So I took a brief video that does prove it—quite clearly. Not only does the red moving ball of energy appear on the  camera screen first, sometimes I can actually see both the lightwave as it appears with my own eyes, and then as it shows  up on the camera screen right after. So, you see, I am glad to report that I DO have “proof” of my claim about what happens  to distinguish these lightwaves from the photos with orbs alone in them. 

Perhaps you will agree as you look through these photos that they can be quite beautiful and astonishing. I must add that  out of all the photographs of them that I have collected now, I have never met anyone else or seen any other “lightwaves” or  “plasma” photos like the ones I have been getting—and that are shown here and in the last book. 

Night after night when I go out there, it is not just orbs I am met with now but also these magnificent lightwaves; often it is  even more lightwaves than orbs! And they are incredibly beautiful, exquisite even, and they envelop me and fill me with  wonder and love along with the overwhelming feeling that I am loved and not alone. 

I believe the reason my experience includes these very high-energy, colorful formations has to do with the tumultuous state  I was in following our son’s death. Ever since my kundalini (“spontaneous emergency”) experience back then, my physical  chemistry and I have never been the same. My energy changed, was heightened, and its frequencies now seem to be  resonating with, and attracting, these Beings of Light. I believe they were originally drawn to me not only because of the high  energy and emotions charging through me then but also because they sensed my pain and wanted to help me—because  Eric did and because he asked them to work with him in order to help me. 

To me, this is a beautiful angel (see her profile and wings) tossing orbs my way to help me heal. It appeared in the last book and is shown here again to illustrate how the orbs at left are gathering and morphing (their edges getting fuzzy as they do so) into these higher-energy, colorful “lightwaves.”

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Given where I was fifteen years ago—suffering, devastated, lost, and suicidal over the loss of our son—all of this has felt like nothing short of a miracle, and so I feel very blessed. I call this a companion picture book to my last one, Orbs, Lightwaves, and Cosmic Consciousness. That book included, besides more than three hundred full-color photographs, a great deal of science. Many scientists and others were quoted, and it was based on many years of searching, studying, and researching. It was something I had longed to do for many years—pull all that together into a book.

This book is different. This book focuses on some of my beliefs and the experiences that have manifested from them. They are based on what I have learned from this extraordinary spiritual journey of mine, inspired this time not only by all the great minds and work of the people I have admired and studied and remembered through the years (as in my last book) but also by the orbs and lightwaves leading me and SHOWING me the vastness and mystery and beauty of the holographic Universe and Cosmos of which my own soul and spirit is a part as yours are.

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Seth, the entity Jane Roberts channeled, was right in what I have found: we DO create our own reality. Furthermore, the Universe/Spirit and I have been co-creating all of it just as you do. Discovering and experiencing all this has been grand—and far, far beyond anything I had ever imagined my later years in life would be and become. Now I am a writer as I had privately longed to be all my life. And a photographer. Now people tell me almost daily that I am reaching them through my words and images in ways that I had never dreamed I could. The Universe/Spirit and I are co-creating life as I see and experience it—and sharing that with others—to see if any of it sounds familiar to them or holds anything for them to use or to “see.”

It fills me with joy and wonder as all this has played out, and I smile, realizing Eric has played such a major role in this—his spirit still lives and is with me always as I shake my head in wonder and joy as I continue to learn and experience how all this works. Feeling humbled and emboldened by truth, and signals from the Universe/Spirit through continuous synchronicities, each day I know the joy of feeling deeply loved. Bliss. I have been following my bliss, my passion for living, and that is what the orbs and lightwaves are reflecting back to me as my own internal whirling chakras and energy and thoughts and feelings join the waves of light and love and information that surround us all—just waiting to be noticed. As you will see again in this book, like the last, clearly they have been. Noticed.

And what I am here to tell you is that this experience can happen to you as well! Maybe it already has. All it takes is living with conscious intention. And making an effort to SEE the bigger picture of your own life and all it really means, and what is most important about why you are here in the first place.

 I might as well add that I am one who has never really been able to comprehend atheists. Atheists are free, of course, to believe whatever they wish. But it escapes me how anyone can actually look out over All That Is and Ever Was, consider all that, and then see it as just some sort of random “accident.” Really? All this? All the beauty and wonder and complexity and connections? Just accidental? I just shake my head.  

I remember reading one of my favorite people, the famous English biologist Rupert Sheldrake, who discovered the organizing energy fields he called “morphic fields,” as he recalled how the English astronomer and Cambridge professor Sir Fred Hoyle put it. As Hoyle looked out over all of creation, to him it seemed that the chance that all this was just some kind of “accident” or some random occurrence and that that was how higher life forms emerged was about as likely as a tornado moving through a junkyard and pulling together all the scraps and materials in its path and, from it, producing a Boeing 747 airplane. Not likely! It seems so obvious to me (as it did to them) that all this is so much more. Profoundly so.  

Unlike the last book, Orbs, Lightwaves, and Cosmic Consciousness, in which I included others’ thinking and quotes for your consideration, this time what I am sharing with you here are some of my beliefs and steps that I have been following, together with my experiences, as all this has unfolded before me. We each approach life differently, of course. This is what has worked for me. Thus, as I see it, I have co-created with the Universe/Spirit my own life. And the photos in this book are reflections of this.  

Further, as we look at the images in this book, each of us will see something different. Some will see faces, others perhaps animals, or spirits. Or, maybe you’ll see a colorful cloud or just a blob of “stuff.”

In this one, what I see, at left, for example, is the large profile of a mother’s face (in pink) kissing a young child. It is, by the way, overlaid atop Eric’s tree, the one planted in his memory. For me this photograph is representative of my whole experience with the orbs and lightwaves—it is the actual manifestation of what LOVE looks and feels like. The orbs worked with my energy and emotions and feelings, and together, we created this image!

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