The photograph on the front cover was taken in 2010. The profile of the woman's face (in pink) appeared in lightwave form in front of Eric's Tree. In keeping with the title of this book, it appears here that you can also see her breath around the tree.

New in 2014 is the author's fourth orbs and lightwaves book in which she presents the newest findings based on her years of research and theories developed from the orb/lightwave images captured in the thousands of photographs she has taken. This book has more than 100 full-color photographs taken since 2010 (plus a few older ones as well).

Please visit Sandra Underwood's YouTube Video, Orbs, Lightwaves, and Cosmic Consciousness - set to Tchaikovsky's Waltz of the Flowers from The Nutcracker.
Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars

By Calikahuna on December 6, 2014

"Breath of Life – Sacred leads you to the perfect destination after the journey taken while reading her previous books. In another author’s writing, this book could be a bliss-ninny’s feel-good New Age pep talk about how wonderful life can be if you only choose it to be. However, in Ms. Underwood’s piercing, unflinching, honest work, she reveals the magical universe with heart-based integrity and photographs that will knock your socks off. It is a book to be savored as she takes you by the hand and leads you into your own place in this universe, just by seeing her photographs and reading her words.

Although this is Ms. Underwood’s fifth book, I personally consider Breath of Life – Sacred:  The Enchanted World of Orbs and Lightwaves as a perfect third book of a trilogy. Although I admit I haven’t had the courage to read her first book, subtitled Surviving a Son’s Suicide yet, I suspect that when I do read it I will find it is a personal prequel to the later books. Ms. Underwood’s body of work comprises the most definitive, compelling, and articulate books written to date about the phenomena of orbs and lightwaves. Her master work, Orbs, Lightwaves, and Cosmic Consciousness is a brilliantly compiled literature review of modern science and philosophy that provides structure for Ms. Underwood’s own insights and explanations of her experiences with seeing and photographing orbs, experiences both mystical and objectively real through her photographs. Her second book of my proclaimed trilogy, Lightwaves from Orbs: Manifesting Love and Co-creation, indulges her deep love for “lightwaves”, the intentional manifestation of mists of energy, often with colors or suggested images….

...These books are so much greater than other literary attempts to describe orbs that I predict that these books will be the seminal books on the orbs phenomena for generations to come."