Book Summary and Excerpt


Orbs, Lightwaves, and Cosmic Consciousness. Interacting with Beings from Another Dimension is one woman's personal account of her interaction with the orbs phenomenon, what she learned from her experiences, and how they helped her to heal her grief from the loss of her only child, her son, Eric, who was only 27 years old when he died.

Following a brief background of her personal story, Underwood also relates some of what she learned earlier in her life from her mysterious attraction over many years to the new sciences: quantum physics, chaos theory and fractals, complexity, and consciousness.  She shows how that knowledge helped prepare her to deal with what was to come, including the abyss she fell into believing her life was over -- not only from her son's unexpected death but also, years later, from breast cancer and a radical mastectomy.

A "spontaneous emergency" kundalini experience (explained in the book) provided an opening within her that, among other things, raised her energy frequency levels such that the orbs and "lightwaves" (as she calls them) responded and began communicating and interacting with her.

The full-color photographs in the book -- taken over only a year's time -- together with the stories of these encounters -- reveal the full wonder and mystery of these meetings with highly intelligent, conscious Beings from another dimension.

A series of back-to-back synchronicities (outlined in the book) are fascinating facts of this story -- as throughout these months of photographing she is led to find exactly the right book, meet and hear from exactly the right people who come into her life, and learn exactly what she was searching for and needed to know at just the right time to help her understand not only the full context and meaning of her life experiences but also to learn who she really is....who we all really are.  This book is the humbled expression of her joy, wonder, and immense gratitude for all her life experiences.


One night in 1996, following Eric’s death, when I was at a very low, low point feeling hopeless, feeling lost, something incredible happened.

I had moved to the downstairs bedroom so as not to disturb my husband’s sleep because of my kundalini “madness” -- being awakened from a sound sleep shaking, energy charging through my body, etc.  The bed is next to a window that overlooks the back deck and the lake we live on.

It was a dark night, and my grief had such a grip on me that as I lay in bed looking out the window, unable to sleep, I cried out, “Oh, Eric!  My life is lost without you!  All there is is darkness.”

Instantly the sky lit up with hundreds of lights!  It felt like a miracle.  I was awestruck.

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I had never seen anything like it before.  I felt shaken by it and amazed.  Instantly I “knew” -- just as it happened later on the mountain at Mount Shasta -- that it was Eric -- or, at the very least that his hand was in this...letting me know that my lament wasn’t true.  My life was not lost without him.  That there is much, much more than the dark place I was in at the time and that he had been in before he died.  The world is filled with light and love.  I knew he didn’t want me to lose hope as he had.  I knew he wanted me to make the connection and hold on.  That things would get better.  That he was and always is still with me....not “lost”.  That neither of us is “lost.”

In November 2008 it occurred to me to invite the orbs to help me show you -- to re-enact -- what had occurred in 1996.   Perhaps you will agree they complied in a quite spectacular way. You can see why the sky lit up the darkness outside at that time.  That night, by the way, I saw them with my own eyes -- as I have again since then.  In fact, I’m not sure there even were any digital cameras yet at that time!  I believe I was able to see them due to the high frequencies of energy and emotion charging through my body and vibrating at the time.  I believe the orbs resonated not only to my lament and to Eric’s wish to help me but also to the energetic vibration they recognized and were attracted to. 

Of course at that time, in 1996, I knew nothing of the orb phenomenon.  I had no idea what had happened.  I wondered briefly if I had hallucinated the whole thing.  But I knew I had not.  I knew what had happened did happen.  And, I understood why. The closest thing I could think of that lit up like that were fireflies.  Yet how in the world, I wondered, could that many fireflies have gathered all at once?  That wasn’t the answer.