Excerpts from the Foreword to the book by the author of Beyond Photography, John Pickering:

As soon as we’d first met Sandy, we instantly felt she was a kindred spirit and an honest seeker for truth - but not only that: we also recognised that she was a very spiritual lady. In qualifying this I must add, that by “spiritual” I do not refer to any wishy-washy fuzzy feel good kind of spirituality - but to the profoundest sense of the word: the kind of spirituality which is often born out of the soul’s struggle to understand and face heart wrenching experiences without losing one’s sense of compassion. Often when the darkness is deepest and we have come to the end of all we can do, we may come to realise that we are not as alone as we thought we were, and that there may be a higher purpose at work in our lives. It takes real spiritual courage to go through all that Sandy has experienced and still remain the lovely positive person that she is: all of which shines through her words and images.

... Sandy, although overcome with grief, did not give in to despair: instead she focused on that small glimmer of light, which sometimes shines in the darkest places of our lives.

It was that spark of hope, which through her encounters with orbs, grew to become a beacon of light and hope, by which she has also been able to help others get through their own dark times.

...Sandy’s own story, and this book, testifies to the power of that Transcendent Light and Love which changed her life and filled her with the joy and wonder of that Great Universal Creative Consciousness which is woven through the fabric of all that is, and which lives within each one of us.

Sandy’s own optimistic spirit is well reflected in this book, which, whilst being a compelling account of her personal spiritual quest and experience, also places orbs within the larger framework of new scientific viewpoints generated by quantum physics, chaos theory, fractal randomizations and synchronicity.

...Over the past couple of years we’ve noticed that orbs seem to inspire similar thoughts and viewpoints in the diverse individuals all over the world, who experience the orb phenomenon. It is almost as if something is rising up from the collective consciousness!

Almost everyone I know who experiences the orb phenomenon, also reports a heightened awareness of synchronicity at work in their lives. 

...In our images of orbs we see something which is not at all inconvenient – rather it is incredibly inspiring and exciting in its possibilities. Whenever we click the camera shutter and see similar images to the wonderful orbs in Sandy’s book, we are seeing something which is part of the mystery of Consciousness.

It is in the context of this background, at this particular time that Sandy has written her unique account of the part orbs have played in her own life.  

The ubiquity of the orb phenomenon offers us all, no matter where we are, an opportunity to increase our understanding of who we are and what it is we are part of. In that context, Sandy Underwood’s personal look at orbs is an inspirational, informative and compelling read, not only for all who are particularly interested in orbs, but for everyone on the spiritual journey.