More About Orbs and Lightwaves

For those of you unfamiliar with orbs, they are those things that show up now on digital cameras and in people’s photographs. Spots . . . mostly spheres. All different sizes and, sometimes, colors. For the most part, people tend to automatically dismiss them as “dust particles” or water droplets or some anomaly on the photograph—if they notice them at all. Of course, there is no film with a digital camera—just more advanced technology that captures and allows us to see more frequencies of light than formerly when using processed film.

If you’re the sort of person who doesn’t tend to almost automatically dismiss what you see, if you are someone who remains open to the myriad possibilities life offers us, ultimately you may have a very different life experience from those who do not . . . in any number of ways beyond the phenomenon of orbs.  

Orbs and “Lightwaves” Characteristics

To review some of the characteristics of the orbs and plasma clouds or lightwaves I have observed, photographed, and taken notes on:

--they are organic....alive
—they exhibit consciousness
—they exhibit intention and choice-making
—they express happiness, joy, exuberance, concern
—they express their approval of your actions
—they are highly intelligent and often profound
—they are curious and observant
—they are playful and have a sense of humor
—they are responsive
—they can appear to be translucent, transparent, or solid
—they appear behind . . . or in front of . . . .objects
—the same orb, identifiable by its distinct markings, can appear to be very large in one photo and very small in the next, which means they expand and contract
—the orbs often have concentric circles and mandala patterns within their spheres
—the orbs are cell-like with membranes. The outer rim, e.g., looks like a membrane
—seeing them from the side (not front-on), they appear to be spinning vortices (funnels) of energy, like the drawings in the literature of human chakras (subtle energies)
—they move very fast. Some scientists have clocked them at upwards of 500 mph
—some distinguished scientists and others believe they are from another dimension beyond our own
—according to scientists, they must lower their frequencies in order to be seen and recorded by cameras

(Many more details are outlined in the book.)